Automotive Locksmith

Automotive Locksmith Services

Boston Locksmith Pros is here to serve your automotive locksmith needs. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your car or you need a spare key made, we’re here to help.

What Does an Automotive Locksmith Do?

As you might have guessed by the title, an automotive locksmith deals with entry and locks of automobiles. We get calls from those who lose their keys or lock themselves out of their cars. We also get calls from those who need support with their remote-control entry systems. Boston Locksmith Pros will come to the rescue, regardless as to why you might need an automotive locksmith.

We Serve the Greater Boston Area

We offer automotive locksmith services to individuals in Boston, Belmont, Bedford, Brighton, Cambridge, Charlestown, Dover, East Boston, Lexington, Lincoln, Milton Village, Milton, and many more cities in Boston.

Automotive Locksmith in Boston MA

Automotive Locksmith Services We Offer

We offer the following automotive locksmith services: lost keys, spare keys, key fob replacement and reprogramming, retrieving locked keys in vehicles, remote access and security systems.

Lost Keys

Who hasn’t lost their truck or keys at least once? No need to worry. Boston Locksmith Pros can cast a new key for you from an existing key. Or, if you’ve lost your keys altogether, we can work with your car manufacturer to get the code for your key and cast a brand new one from scratch.

Spare Keys

It’s a good idea to have some spare keys on hand in the event that you lose your key or lock it in your car. You might also get a spare key made when you need to give one to someone who’s borrowing your car, and you’d rather give them their own key vs. give them your copy.
We can create spare keys for you in the comfort of our shop. All you need to do is bring us a copy of your key, and you’ll walk out with as many spare keys as you need within minutes. You can then keep a spare key in your wallet, give one to a family member or stash one at home so you have it if you ever have the need for it.

Program or Replace Key Fobs

Your key fob is the wireless remote that allows to you open doors and start your car. It can also allow entry to your car or start it without the need to physically touch the car. We can replace or reprogram your key fob is you’ve lost it or are having issues with it, respectively.

Retrieving Locked Keys in Vehicles

Similar to losing keys, who hasn’t locked their keys in their car by mistake at least once? Boston Locksmith Pros has your back. We’ll come to your location as quickly as possible. Today’s advanced locksmith technology makes it easier than ever for us to help you gain entry to your car and access to your car with as little intrusion or impact as possible.

Remote Access Support

If you’re having issues with your remote control entry system, we can help diagnose the issue and offer repair solutions to support you in repairing it. Sometimes, the remote control entry system just needs to be updated, and we can handle that, as well.

Security Systems

Most cars come with some form of built-in security system. In those instances, we can help diagnose and update the systems when there’s an issue or concern. We can also install security systems in cars that don’t currently have a system, or we can enhance or upgrade a vehicle’s current system. Car insurance providers often offer a discount for security systems, so consider checking with them to see if an upgrade would help to reduce your rate. The up-front cost could be worth the long-term savings.

Additional Locksmith Services

We also offer Residential, Emergency, and Commercial Locksmith services, so consider us your one-stop-shop for all of your Boston locksmith service and hardware needs!

Boston Locksmith Pros is a Name You Can Trust

Whether you’re an individual or business, we understand you have options to support your locksmith needs. We also know you want to work with a business you can trust. When you call upon Boston Locksmith Pros for support, you can trust you’re working with a certified business. We are professional, insured, fully bonded, and backed by positive references and reviews, so don’t hesitate to call us today to see how we can support you and your business!